Hey guys~

So this is what I’ve been up to! I’ve decided to take on a side project that I could show to potential employers as a supplement to my demo-reel and resume.

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do… Ah who am I kidding, I’ve wanted to do this for a long time! Oh what is it you ask? Well a webcomic of course! For the past couple of months I’ve been drawing characters, environments, & page layouts as well as tightening the story and character progression.

This webcomic is called PageTurner.

It’s about a boy named Riley that discovers a mysterious library in his hometown he had never seen before. The seemingly old library is lined to the roof in tome-like books, and is looked after by a quirky old man. Everything seems normal right? Wrong. Riley soon discovers that every book in the library only has the first page written in, and nothing more. When he reads this page, he is immediately sucked into the setting of the book where he must resolve the conflict, which in turn writes the rest of the book (With Riley in it!). 

I’m pretty excited about this one. The main themes I’ll be focusing on in this project are the loss of loved ones and love in general, self-discovery and how it can happen through other people, duty/responsibility, & the urge to leave home but never quite feeling like you left. The story ends up getting ridiculous, and I wish I could just spill my guts about everything! But as Dr.River Song would say: “Spoilers!”. So to quench my thirst I’ll just put up some artwork :)


Ahh. I feel much better.

I’ve also been reading some webcomic all over the interwebs for inspiration/research. If you have any that you’d like to suggest, go ahead and comment. :)

See ya for now!


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Professional 3D Character Artist/Graphic Designer. Currently residing in Austin, TX and always cooking up something.

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