More Sketches & PageTurner Madness!

Hey guys!

Everything is going pretty smoothly! Here’s some eye-candy from my sketchbook!

Here we see some of our main characters Riley (top) and Elias (bottom). You might remember these two from this sketch. The Library Riley stumbles into doesn’t just have magical books, but it has quite the magical effect on other things, too. Buuut that’s all I’m gonna say for right now! :) Please enjoy the sketches! 

I can’t thank everyone enough for the support and excitement they’ve given me for this project thus far. Which is so surprising since it still feels so new! Anyways, since I last posted I’ve:

  • Finished the Script for the first book (When I say ‘book’ I mean about 21 pages worth. Think of an actual single comic book)
  • Finished basic page layouts for the first book
  • Sketched my little tushie off
  • Planned out about 12 books worth of story

Hopefully I’ll be able to release the first book by the end of this month. I’m planning on releasing the entire thing in one go, then I’ll upload individual pages from the next book. Hopefully no one gets too antsy, because I’m a HUGE fan of cliffhangers. ;)

That’s all for now! More sketches to come on Friday! :)


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Professional 3D Character Artist/Graphic Designer. Currently residing in Austin, TX and always cooking up something.

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